Alison DeRudder Thorpe is a technical communicator from Saint Paul, Minnesota. She produces electronic and print manuals, eLearning, instructional videos, websites, animations, graphic displays, and a variety of other communication pieces for instruction and documentation purposes.

With over a decade of professional experience working on a broad range of communication projects and collaborative teams, Alison has developed a refined repertory of skills. Having mastered the fundamentals of effective writing and design for a variety of audiences, Alison is adept with all of the tools used to produce leading edge communication products, including Adobe Technical Communication Suite, Adobe eLearning Suite, and Adobe Creative Suite, among others. She is also experienced with designing for the web/mobile web.

Alison’s academic background in writing and design is extensive. She studied Interactive Design and Graphic Design at Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD), and later received her BA in Technical Communication from Metropolitan State University. Alison completed her Master of Science in Technical Communication from Metropolitan State University in August 2013, with summa cum laude honors.